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Who We Are

Crystal’s Residential Care Home was incorporated in 2001 to provide services where quality care was the priority. Today, our facilities house people with disabilities who need constant supervision, care, and support in a homelike setting. Some of our residents’ disabilities include Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Down Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Unacceptable Social Behaviors, etc.

We hope to provide a setting where these individuals experience an encouraging support system while they learn necessary life skills and integrate themselves into the community.

Who We Care for

Crystal’s Residential Care Home residents are clients from Valley Mountain Regional Center. The residents are ambulatory adults ages 18 – 59 ( with possible age exception for those residing in the facility at age 59 to continue their stay as long as they don’t have mobility issues and don’t require mobility devices to assist in walking.

Our Mission Statement

We are responsible for keeping our residents safe, healthy, and blissful as they live in our homes. Our dedication lies in transforming our residents’ lives as we offer them care and support. We promise to provide our clients with a place that emulates home as they live with other residents and our staff.

Our Vision Statement

We envision providing the warmest, most encouraging home for people with behavioral, cognitive, and psychological complications. We strive to witness all our residents succeed in life, even when they no longer reside in our homes.

Our Staff

Our staff members receive training on managing maladaptive behaviors, but the key to their success lies in processing a heart of caring and serving others. Each day, they demonstrate the mental maturity & professional acumen needed to provide the optimal living experience for those we are blessed to be in our care.

The Valley Mountain Regional Center vendors Crystal’s Residential Care Home to provide staff-operated level 4I services to assist residents in the following areas:

  • To provide quality residential services that are meaningful and reflect the values of the adults residing in the facility.
  • To assist clients in expanding their adaptive life skills while reducing the frequency of inappropriate behavior reactions.
  • To assist residents in integrating and fully utilizing their local community.

Our Client’s Expected Outcomes

The expected service outcomes for clients of Crystal’s Residential Care Home include the following:

  • Experience a satisfying lifestyle and fully exercise their adult rights.
  • Increase personal management, leisure, and community access skills.
  • Decrease inappropriate behavior.
  • Access their community frequency.

Be One of Our Professionals Today!

A rewarding career awaits you when you choose to pursue employment with us. We invite you to send your resume online so we can assess your credentials and begin your application process.